Friday, May 18, 2012

The Abnorms is up for sale!

My second novel The Abnorms is up for sale right now on and Barnes and Here is a brief synopsis of the story:

The world thinks they are useless.
Society thinks they are freaks.
They are Abnorms, people born with special powers that set them apart from normal humans.  Abnorms with useful or dangerous powers are snatched up by the government and never seen again, those with powers deemed useless are set free, back into a population that hates and shuns them. This is a story about a group of so-called useless Abnorms, they are:

Lindsay – with the power to float
Kurt – with the power to spontaneously drop dead
Leslie – with the power to change the color of objects
Abby – with the power to create flashes of light

But these teens must do their best to make their useless powers useful as they try to rescue Lindsay’s twin brother from the clutches of the government, and maybe fall in love along the way.

Does it sound good to you? Well, how about all that adventure, romance and hilarity (yes, hilarity) for the low, low price of only $0.99? Come on, what are you waiting for?


  1. Very interesting concept. I'm lost as to how these characters will use their powers to rescue Lindsay's twin brother. I must say- you've hooked me. On my way to purchase the book now.

  2. Thank you so much, Brian. I hope that you enjoy the story.